The largest Russian integrated gas processing and chemical holding that is known worldwide. The company covers full value chain from gas processing, monomers, plastics, and synthetic rubbers production.

Worldwide known and Russian largest, integrated gas processing and chemical holding covering full chain from gas processing, monomers, plastics and synthetic rubbers producing.

The holding companies use a large number of sophisticated equipment, including the imported ones. Taking into account a complex interconnection of different elements within the value chain, the halt of one piece of equipment can cause the stop of the segment or the entire production line. It can cause up to $20,000 per hour of profit losses. At the same time, the waiting time of the supplier’s representative arrival may take up to 2 weeks.

The “Remote Expert” module was used to reduce the waiting time. The module allows you to connect a representative of the equipment supplier (expert) with a local technician on the site of the company by video stream connection. The expert sees everything “from the eyes of a technician” and points to real-world objects. He can display drawings, text, and graphic primitives at the smart glasses.

This approach allows to perform primary hardware diagnostics and fix most of the problems that reduce unplanned equipment downtime.

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