Technological guidance

Receives a routing from SAP, Teamcenter, 1C and other systems and renders it to the staff, fixing the process of execution. Generates standard time and knowledge base on works performed.
up to
of production downtime as a result of an experienced specialist’s leaving
Creation of the knowledge base related to technology of performance of works
up to
on approval of the volume
of work performed
Creation of run-time standards

How it works

Receiving technology data from external sources or creating the sequence of operations in the “Technological guidance” module

Adding attributes (photos, schemes, run-time standards, tools,
spare parts)

Learning the information about the procedure

Performing the operation with the time fixation and the video recording of the procedure

Analyzing the statistics of execution of works

Recording a work sequence as a learning video


knowledge base

Accumulation and preservation of the best practices of technological operations

Efficient planning

Optimization of planning works due to the presence of run-time standards

Failure reducing

Reducing the number of equipment failures caused by staff
Ensuring the implementation of check lists, rapid fixation of the results in reports.
Remote expert
Operational competence transfering from anywhere to the worksite